Learning Diversity: Learning can be re-designed!
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Jockey Club ‘Ednovation Fest’ 2018 organised its first educational talk and workshop on 9 June 2018 (Sat). Educators from Finland, and Hong Kong international and local schools will share their valuable experience. They focused on student-centred education, the relations between learning and environment, use of technology and educational tools. We invite you to re-imagine possibilities in learning, discover ways of motivation and teach in accordance with their aptitude.

Entrusting students with new possibilities!


Guest Speakers & Topics:
Ms. Maija Eriika Ruokanen
Senior Education Consultant, Fielding Nair International

Maija has taught in International Schools around the world for over 15 years. During her teaching career, she has worked with different age groups and nationalities and have seen how the learning environment can enhance the culture of learning in the classroom. Maija is an inquiry based teacher, facilitating self-efficacy and supporting self-directed learning with her students and teams. Learning spaces play a central role when students are engaged in discovery, research and inquiry. They can provide students with access to the learning in a whole new level, allowing students agency and control over the way they best learn.

Maija believes that it is paramount to the learning experience of today and future that students have opportunities to make connections to the world outside the school building and engage with the community around them. Learning spaces that provide opportunities to explore the environment and nature and access to make connections with outdoor learning can impact profoundly students’ engagement and ownership of learning. In her leadership roles, Maija has had a chance to promote similar respectful philosophy for learning as with her students and her teams have been empowered to make decisions about their learning. In her latest role as the Director of Professional Learning at NIST International School in Bangkok, Thailand, Maija provided professional learning opportunities for teachers all over the South East Asian region through the Professional Learning Hub @ NIST. In this role, Maija has also engaged in learning space and furniture design and was part of the six year renovation project of all learning spaces at NIST.

Maija is originally from Rovaniemi at the Arctic Circle in Finland and studied at University of Oulu, Finland in a special International Master of Education programme focusing on intercultural competencies in the field of education and learning in a multicultural classroom. Her multiple language skills have taken Maija around the world and she has taught at United Nations International School in Hanoi and New York in addition to her native Finland and latest commitment in Bangkok. She has recently finalized her studies for a Diploma of Interior Design at the International School of Colour and Design, where, whenever she could, she focused on learning spaces in her assignments. Along with working as a Senior Educational Consultant for Fielding Nair International in Bangalore, India, Maija is running workshops and professional development for students, teachers and parents about learning spaces and their impact on learning, and is engaging in conversations about learning spaces with several schools across Asia Pacific region.

題目 : Designing for Learning


Mr. Adam McGuigan
Deputy Principal, International College Hong Kong (Hong Lok Yuen)

Adam McGuigan has been involved with education for nearly 20 years, with the majority of the time being spent in international education. He began as a primary teacher in Australia before working in International Baccalaureate schools in Japan, Singapore & Germany.

Adam’s current educational interests lies in developing cultures of thinking, play-based education & neuroscience. He enjoys travelling, photography & cooking.

Adam has been in educational leadership for 7 years. He holds a Masters of Education in Leadership and Management and is currently the Deputy Principal at International College Hong Kong Hong Lok Yuen.

題目 : Organic Education


Ms. Ip Bik-kwan
Curriculum Officer, STFA Lee Kam Primary School

Ms Ip Bik-kwan is an experienced teacher in primary education. She is particularly passionate in teaching Mathematics and General Studies. She organized peer learning circles for Mathematics teachers in and outside her school to promote teacher professional development. She also represented Hong Kong to visit Germany and shared her relevant experience. In addition, she was invited to demonstrate her General Studies classes to local and overseas educators about her General Studies teaching experience at events organized by the HKSAR government Education Bureau, such as the professors’ visit of Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge.

Ms Ip was the first cohort of participants of Ednovators’s InnoPower@JC: Fellowship for Teachers, she was open to explore educational possibilities with teachers, students and cross-sectoral experts of countries where she visited. She is committed to promote innovations in education in Hong Kong. Currently, Ms Ip works with a team for positive education in her school and has introduced the “Super +” positive education program, which aims to enhance students’ motivation in learning through redesigning learning environment, classroom design, class schedule, and providing teacher training and parent education.

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