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Overseas Innovative Education Sharing: How cross-sector collaboration mobilizes an education movement in Taiwan

Education in Taiwan has seen a fundamental change in the past two decades. From an exam-oriented culture to a dynamic education ecosystem where alternative schools are officially endorsed and populated by parents, different education pioneers and stakeholders have been putting effort, rethinking about the meaning of education, initiating changes, and trying out different learning models. What are some insights we can draw from the experience in Taiwan? What is the way forward mobilizing the community advocating for education innovations?

Professor Tung-Liao Cheng
Principal Investigator, Taiwan Experimental Education Center
Prof. Cheng is currently a full-time associate professor in the Department of Education at National Cheng Chi University in Taiwan. He also leads the Taiwan Experimental Education Center and Taiwan Montessori Education Center promoting alternative education that focuses on child-centered education. With decades of experience in leading school changes, Prof. Cheng is a founder of more than 10 experimental schools, as well as a key member advocating school reforms and curriculum movements for more than 20 years.

Overseas Education Innovations Sharing: From threat to opportunities – Actualizing the meaning of education in times of change

Threats often also brings in opportunities. In face of transition and change, how did the Principal and the teaching team tap into the community resources and found a way out from the various challenges?
How did the team integrate resources in their neighborhood, combined with the redesign of the curriculum, to create an experiential learning experience for all their students? The use of community resources in schools enhances students’ understanding of the history and culture in their neighborhood, facilitating a mutually beneficial interaction in between. Is that a way that schools in Hong Kong can follow through? How can we enable a closer tie between schools and the community?

Zhanghu Junior and Elementary School of Ecology in Yunlin
Zhanghu Junior and Elementary School of Ecology in Yunlin was established in 2013. It is located up in the mountain. The Principal advocates character, autonomy, and knowledge within the school. The school is well-known of its integration of nature into the curriculum and the experiential learning model of bringing students out and let them learn in the real-life environment. The school became a government-supported, publicly run school in 2019.
Ching-Chun Chen
Ching-Chun Chen is the principal of Zhanghu Junior and Elementary School of Ecology in Yunlin. Seeing the problems in schools within the system, he set his mind to education reform. By implementing mountain education, service traveling, explorative cycling, and other challenge curriculums, he developed students’ personality and cultivated their ability to thinking independently. In class, he devotes to effective instruction and never gives up any of his students. It is his hope is to stay in remote area and continue walking alongside his students.
Chi-Hua Chen
Chi-Hua Chen is a Chinese Literature teacher in Zhanghu Junior and Elementary School of Ecology in Yunlin. By incorporating mobile devices and implementing cooperative learning strategies, she flipped the classroom and increased students’ reading comprehension ability. In class, she designs questions and uses differentiated instruction methods to provoke students’ critical thinking, giving her all to make each student a master in their own learning.

Overseas Education Innovations Sharing: Teachers as innovators – Change journey and reflection of a frontline teacher

Change takes constant and deep reflection. Every change journey has its own ups and downs. Teachers are all learners in navigating their way in the process. That is why it is key to give innovators time and space to think through their ideas and planning. In this session, Mr. Chen will share with the audience his journey as an innovator within the system, tell us more about how he reflected and challenged his own ideas, as well as the key takeaways for educators wanting to make changes happen.

Shih-Hu Chen
Advisor of Social Studies, Kaohsiung Compulsory Education Advisory Group
Mr. Chen graduated from a teachers’ college in Taiwan with a bachelor’s degree in Natural Science and Anthropology. “Study from the mistakes, grow from the defeat.” Mr. Chen always learn from lessons and look for the best solution. As a lifelong learner, he has worked in seven elementary schools and four advisory groups in five Counties during his 18 years of teaching life. He has also been a homeroom teacher, a subject teacher, a dean and an advisor.

Education Innovations Dialogue: Reimagining education – Putting learning back in focus

We have listened to various education innovators sharing their change journeys. How about we tune in to student’s point of view now and let them tell us how they see the future challenges and what they need most in their learning? We hope speakers and education stakeholders in the audience can dive deep into discussing and rethinking about the future that Hong Kong’s education innovations are leading towards.

Moderator: Ms. Ada Wong, Director of Ednovators

Ying-Man Lo
Extracurricular Activities Acting Officer, Chinese and Cultural Arts Teacher, Ju Ching Chu Secondary School (Yuen Long)
Ah Lo enjoys drama, interactions, exchange of ideas and teaching. He believes that having faith brings you hope, that there are always more fun ways to approach teaching & learning, and that school life should be enjoyable. He believes that as long as we are willing to try, both teachers and students can soar!
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