Parenting Workshop: How to empower our children

27 Nov 2016
Conference Room (2/F)

Parenting Workshop: How to empower our children

“Home” is the cradle of life, is the place to develop personality, but also a personal life-long dependency lies.  In addition to the family by the husband, wife, children of various family members, but also by the husband and wife, parent-child, brothers and sisters and other sub-system formed.  If the role of family members are not clear, the role of no distinction, poor relations, cannot be intimate, lack of autonomy or poor communication, etc., will have a great impact on the next generation. Therefore, understanding the “family system theory” will help enhance a family towards a happier life, but also to let our children full of strengths.

Session 1: Let’s play together (10:30 ─ 12:30)

The workshop will be mainly in the form of the theater so that everyone will be in a relaxed and happy process to obtain a profound experience, a new understanding of the family, but also to explore more family resources to help each family members to a more positive and autonomous life.

Session 2: How to properly correspond to the child’s needs(14:00 ─ 16:00)

Through the experience and theory of design activities, the workshop will give an initial understanding of how people are gradually developing their “Internal Emotion Working Model” from their childhood and how they affect their relationships after they grow up.  But the first is to find their own family relationships in the corresponding mode of interaction, so that in daily life to know how to correspond to the real needs of the child.

Language : Cantonese (simultaneous interpretation service will not be provided)

Note : This is whole-day event with 2 sessions.

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