Multiple Pathways: Growing Possibilities in Learning (Public Talk)

29 Sep 2018
HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity (135 Junction Road, Kowloon)

Multiple Pathways: Growing Possibilities in Learning (Public Talk)

Jockey Club ‘Ednovation Fest’ 2018 is proud to present three education changemakers for its public talk on Saturday September 29. The changemakers will be sharing their own experience in nurturing students’ capabilities and passion in a different educational context in Hong Kong.

Mr Toby Newton, Head of International College Hong Kong, has developed Human Technologies, a curriculum strand, to Years 7 to 10. The curriculum encourages students to develop as purposeful, thoughtful learners in an ever-changing world. Students are encouraged to think critically about which technologies they want to use, and, equally, to identify which technologies they would like to leave well alone and how to go about developing the self-confidence to act on their decisions. Participants will develop insight to the approach and will be introduced to a series of practical pedagogical tools.

Meanwhile, Mr Franky Poon, Principal of Hong Kong Red Swastika Society Tai Po Secondary School, believes that all children need different forms of support from teachers, and fulfilling their needs for learning is a responsibility of all educators. Mr Poon will talk about the role of school management, from reforming school policies to promoting school-wide innovation, so as to provide a student-centric education in all aspects. Also he will talk about the creation of learning options in curriculum, textbooks, and assessments; and the layered design learning for students with learning differences, abilities and styles.

Ms Doreen Ho is Project Coordinator of Jockey Club ‘Learning by Doing’ Academy, an experiential all-round program co-created by Ediversity and The Mission Covenant Church Holm Glad No.2 Primary School. Students are scheduled to a themed self-learning session every afternoon during school time and they learn through four areas of learning: Make, Read, Design and Play. Professional trainings for teachers and further partnerships in and outside Hong Kong are also developed to support the program. She will update participants on the program.

Guest Speakers & Topics:

Mr. Toby Newton, Head of School, International College Hong Kong

  • Topic: Human Technologies – in a nutshell

Mr. Franky Poon, Principal, Hong Kong Red Swastika Society Tai Po Secondary School

  • Topic: Managing learner diversity and building on student strengths: What can schools do?

Ms. Doreen Ho, Project Coordinator, Jockey Club “Learning by Doing” Academy, EDiversity

  • Topic: Timeless Role of Teachers — to Cultivate a Creative Classroom Climate


English and Cantonese


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