Master Talk:
Embracing Creativity and Diversity in a Liberal Arts College

A talk by President David OXTOBY of Pomona College (Claremont, California) and dialogue with Bernard CHAN
16 10 月 2016
Mini Theatre
The Good Lab
L1, The Sparkle
500 Tung Chau Street
West Kowloon

Master Talk:
Embracing Creativity and Diversity in a Liberal Arts College

As our community warms up to discussions on education innovation and how to nurture creativity and enable multiple pathways for young people to face a future that will be very unlike its past, it is timely that President Oxtoby is in Hong Kong and has agreed to speak to us on Creativity and Diversity in college as important capacities to prepare the young generation for their future.

The short talk by President Oxtoby will be followed by a dialogue with Bernard Chan and moderated by Ada Wong, both alumni of Pomona College.

Pomona College is a premier liberal arts college in the USA. Its students come from all corners of the world and share an interest in doing something meaningful with their lives.  In addition to reflections on creativity, the dialogue between President Oxtoby and Bernard Chan will also touch on diversity and respect, and difficult conversations on campus against a backdrop of contentious politics and societal polarisation.  It will also be interesting to understand how the Pomona liberal arts education has influenced Bernard and Ada’s values and shaped their interest and commitment in public service and social innovation.

David Oxtoby
President, Pomona College, Claremont, California

Bernard Chan, GBS JP
Member, Executive Council of Hong Kong SAR
President, Asia Financial Holdings Ltd.
President, Asia Insurance Co. Ltd.

Ada Wong, JP
Founder, The Good Lab
Director, Ednovators
Supervisor, HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity

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