Wes Mui

Co-founder, Press Start Hong Kong

Wes Mui

Co-founder, Press Start Hong Kong


As Co-Founder and Chief Games Officer of Press Start Hong Kong, Wes is the brains behind all game and game experience designs. He also plans and leads large-scale games-centric workshops and events for a wide range of clients and partners.
Wes has years of experience conducting global corporate training programs in the financial services sector and running after-school community programs in various capacities. He enjoys playing, dissecting and analyzing games, and is also an avid scuba diver.

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“Play in Education”Series:
Workshop by Press Start Hong Kong
(For practitioners related to education and parents)

01 4 月 2017
Room G5-215, 5/F, Academic 1 (Green Zone), City University of Hong Kong, Kowloon Tong